Hi! Well, I thought about volunteering in the local library. It's really interesting how it is so loud during the school day but once kids get there, the adults just start whispering. I know because I get homeschooled, but still. It's kind of funny. Anyways, the point is that we are never too young to help the community.
It's been over a year since I moved. Well, I think that maybe it's time to make amends. Sorry to everyone I've ever done wrong to!
You have a book report due and nothing to do it on. Well, go to the library! You could ask people who work there for help on finding a book on genre, authors, and level. Most of the time there will be a website for the library so you could also search there and place a request for it if possible. Happy reading!

A person emailed me about his website not being popular. So, I had this absolutely fantastic idea to write websites here, like the front page. The person who emailed me shall remain unnamed.


Lately Abby has been getting inappropriate comments from someone unknown. There has been things such as "Wow, you're such a copycat" and bad words. If they get caught they shall be severely punished. If anybody knows anything about this please contact me right away. Remember, it is not tattling, it is telling the truth.

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