FromAbby Comments

   Dear People,
    Since you are allowed to send us comments, why not us? Here is a simple way to communicate with you. When there is something of interest we will put it here.

How This Website Came To Be
    A long time ago there was a woman named Abby. She worked for the newspaper. People would write her questions, and she would answer them without revealing the identity of who sent it. Today, we make our website in honor of her. Many will do this like in school newspapers and others. Together we make a difference by bringing this up to date. We use the world wide web, saving trees. Go green! (This story is not exact.)

Today, look in a mirror. Who do you see? You. Why? Because you're special. (Just kidding, it's just the reflection.) (Ok, I was joking. You are special.) Anyways, the point is, what makes you special?

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