The Hidden Page

Welcome to the hidden page. The hidden page is only for important people. If you are important, go on.If you are not, please exit. First, you have to prove that you are important.

First, could you rub your tummy and pat your head?

Next, do you have 3 vowels in your name?

Finally, could you recite the alphabet backwards while playing an instrument?

If you do, you are talented, but that does not prove you are important.

What matters is if you think you are important.
A Boycott against Dorchester/Leisure

Something outrageous is happening in the world yet again. Dorchester and Leisure publishing company has been ignoring the rights of many authors and FINALLY, someone started a boycott against it. Many authors have not received payment for even over 2 years, and their books are still being published. Worse still, books about to go out of print are going to be e-books so the company would still own rights to them, even if authors are against it. When people complain on their website, they delete the comments. When people complain on facebook, they delete the comments. Is it really right to completely disregard the opinions of readers and authors who cannot get a lawyer since- well, they haven't been paid? For the full post, check . Join the boycott against this injustice!

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