Hi. This is the last day of February, so I'd like to do something special. When you read a book, post it on here with a review. So, starting tomorrow, whoever gets the most interesting review in will be pronounced the winner!
Oh yeah, sorry. There are no prizes except for honor and respect from other people who view this site.
P.S. Here is a sample book review that I did.

Book Review: Reunion by Jeff Bennington

            Jeff Bennington, author of The Rumblin’, has been praised by many for his works. His ability to accurately depict the “dark” side of human emotions especially shines in his new book, Reunion.

            David Ray, murderer of classmates and destroyer of dreams, shot himself and died on graduation day. Twenty years later, several survivors are determined to go back to the place where their fears originated: Crescent Falls High School. Most of them had left Crescent Falls without a backwards glance after the massacre, but suddenly they felt a need to overcome the past. Unfortunately, mysterious things have been happening at the place where their reunion is to be held. The survivors unknowingly walk straight into the death trap… to possibly never come back out.

            A supernatural horror that would grab your interest (and also your heart) and never let go, the Reunion will cause you to cry, smile, hope, and cower under your blanket, though not necessarily in that order. To conclude, all I can say is this: this book is a masterpiece.

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